Friday, April 23, 2010

i was waiting to be struck by lightning

waiting for somebody exciting, like you…

Sorry for the delay folks, this tax credit thing is making ‘real job’ get in the way of ‘fun job’. Bear with me through next week too please!

In Downtown News:
Transit, and Downtown Raleigh…two of my favorite things
No one asked me who I’d want to play Downtown [and that was probably a good move… :)]
Marbles won a $25k grant

In Raleigh News:
What is Wine and Design?
Fuddruckers and Golden Corral have closed
Check out the Lonerider commercial

In Local-ish News:
Kure Beach – as close to Mayberry as possible
Some NCAA Basketball craziness
Don’t throw cheesy poofs in Australia

In Irrelevant News:
What is FourSquare and why you probably still don’t care
Target will sell the Kindle
There will be a Monsters, Inc. sequel

ZOSO is at Lincoln tonight
The Museum of Art opens to the public this weekend
Beer Fest is Saturday
5k Run for our Heroes on Saturday
Saturday is National History Day
Breakfast Club plays Saturday at Lincoln

Sunday is World Pinhole Photography Day
Race of Grade is Sunday
But you’re going to need brunch…

Mark your calendars:
Triangle Restaurant Week is returning
Damon Wayans is coming to Charlie Goodnights

Fun Stuff:
Joanie from Mad Men writes an open letter to men
Pablo Picasso
Visions of the future from long ago

Share your food
Who’s voice is that?
How to name a Volcano

Have folks rate your outfits
A flask for your bike
Passive Aggressive Poetry

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
He’s selling ad space on his urn…

Happy Beer Fest eve!!

Ashton Mae Smith