Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i wish i had a beach house

then we could make a big fire every night… (happy birthday Jamie!)

In Downtown News:
The Downtown Farmer’s Market starts with a Pig Pickin
More Lightner dram-a.
There is a photography class May 1 in Moore Square

In Raleigh News:
Art to Wear is tonight
Voting for INDY’s Best of is wrapping up
The NCMA Contemporaries AFTERPARTY for the Museum Opening is next weekend

In Local-ish News:
Epic games is opening a Tokyo office
Recycle electronics
Aspirin can reduce migraine pain in over half of takers

In Irrelevant News:
Free Subway on Friday
Conan is doing a late night show on TBS
The NY Times reviews the new KFC sandwich

The Wailers are at Lincoln on Wednesday
The Love Language is at Pour House on Thursday
Wine tasting at Mosaic on Thursday
Friday is National Foursquare Day [wha?] (thanks Mike)
The Holt brothers are at Solas on Saturday
K9-3K in Moore Square on Saturday
Earth Day this Saturday
Cuegrass is Saturday
Saturday you can recreate the last meal of the Titanic at Angus Barn

Mark your Calendars:
North Carolina Theatre is bringing back some Broadway folks for one night in June
And Kirby Derby returns June 26th

Fun Stuff:
2birds1blog teaches us good jokes
The best Urban Parks in the US
The argument for why commuting is the worst thing for you

Tom and Tera garden!
This video will haunt this child the rest of his life. [youtube] (thanks Daniel)
10 cool billboards (thanks Danny)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Patches for your pets ‘unsightly’ bum (thanks Steve)

Ashton Mae Smith