Tuesday, January 19, 2010

spend my nights and days before

searching the world for what’s right here…

Empire Eats is donating all profits today to Haiti

In Downtown News:
An update on the Lightner Center
Speed Dating on the R-Line (thanks Charissa)
What to do with kids during the week in Downtown

In Raleigh News:
What’s happening at City Council today
Changing parking in Five Points?
Something fun to do in Durham

In Local-ish News:
The guy who brought you the Nacho Bell Grande has died (thanks J.Ross)
Airlines want more money for your bags
Getting closer to legalizing marijuana? (thanks J.Ross)

In Irrelevant News:
Garmin for hunters and hikers
Where is the furthest you’d carry ashes? (thanks J.Ross)
Well so don’t live in a lighthouse…

The ‘Your Money’ bus is here today
Filmore Valley Boys at Bridge Pub today
The NCMA Contemporaries are having a tapas mixer at Solas tonight (thanks Amy)
There is a Wine dinner at Solas on Wednesday (thanks Amy)
Date and Skate at Winterfest on Thursday
The event that Antoine and I are sort of coordinating that you’re so awesome-ly going to attend is Thursday at Busy Bee [Thank you!!]
Speed Dating at Noir on Friday

Mark your Calendars:
Triangle Wine Experience is Feb 4-6 and raises money for the Frankie Lemmon Foundation (thanks Sarah)

What the Weather Holds:
Tues: Sunny. 65° 35°
Weds: Partly Cloudy. 60° 40°
Thurs: Rainy and cold. 45° 42°

Fun Stuff:
Old Stationary from semi famous folks

What I Keep
16 Awesome Fictional Firearms (thanks J.Ross)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Whew. Now I can eat, drive, fix my mascara AND talk on the phone…

Happy Tuesday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith