Monday, January 18, 2010

cause they know, so do i

the high road is hard to find… (thanks Tom)

Hey guys – Antoine and I are sort of coordinating this event [Thursday Night] so you’d be really awesome if you came and made it look successful. Besides, you like Busy Bee, and drinking…[Thank you!!]

In Downtown News:
Update on Natty Greene’s
Some love for the Globe [no apologies if it makes you drool] (thanks Dean)
Some thoughts on ‘free’ parking

In Raleigh News:
An update on Beleza’s Haiti effortsHT is helping out too and Logan’s is matching up to $10k in donations (thanks Amanda)
More on the Beanie and Cecil move to Seaboard
NC State is up to cool things

In Local-ish News:
Daniel from All About Beer was featured in Folio
Oh, Duke…
They’ve been moving the Rodanthe house

In Irrelevant News:
Naming your kid after a president?
“No matter what breeders might think, bars are not family-friendly.”
He carved a tiger smaller than 1 mm

MLK March today
The ‘Your Money’ bus is here tomorrow
Filmore Valley Boys at Bridge Pub tomorrow
The NCMA Contemporaries are having a tapas mixer at Solas on Tuesday (thanks Amy)
There is a Wine dinner at Solas on Wednesday (thanks Amy)
Date and Skate at Winterfest on Thursday
Band Together After Work Social at Busy Bee on Thursday
Speed Dating at Noir on Friday

What the Weather Holds:
Mon: Sunny. 60° 46°
Tues: Sunny. 62° 37°
Weds: Partly Cloudy. 60° 37°

Fun Stuff:
And I thought I said funny stuff in my sleep…
Passive Aggressive Notes
The Selvedge Yard
Bacon Soap
Fifty Dangerous Things you should let your kids do

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
In case you need a ‘stab vest’ for the World Cup…

Happy Monday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith