Thursday, January 7, 2010

speak louder than the words before you

give them meaning no one else has found… (thanks Tom)

In Downtown News:
An update on the Lightner Center
Ever been to the Rose Garden?
Tobacco Road is opening another location

In Raleigh News:
Have we talked about Cantina 18 opening in March yet? If not, it is.
Blackberry maker is coming to triangle
I feel a little bit like a sea turtle

In Local-ish News:
USS North Carolina is going to Pearl Harbor
The Olympic ‘Bird’s Nest’ is a winter park (thanks Brian)
Exactly what DO braces have to do with it? (thanks J.Ross)

In Irrelevant News:
Katy Perry is engaged
That sounds smart of female toads…
Soccer fan invades field, tries to score, doesn’t. If you squint, he kind of looks like Rufus…

There’s a kind of big football game on tonight
Thursday Big Boss ‘Big Operator’ is the keg at Flying Saucer
Rosebuds and Megafaun are playing this weekend
It IS First Friday
More running on Saturday
Jibarra is having International Fest on Saturday
Napper Tandy’s is hosting a fundraiser for Frank Rogan on Sunday (thanks Becky)

What the Weather Holds:
There’s salt on all the roads…how annoying…
Thurs: Partly Cloudy and the teensiest amount warmer. 42° 20°
Fri: Cold, but sunny. 36° 29°
Sat: Beautiful and 33. 33° 19°

Fun Stuff:
Crazy fun topiaries
A neat way to get back a lost camera? (thanks Sam)
You like art, you’ll like this…

FoodStalkers takes on a lighter chicken pot pie
Giant Animals (thanks @gregoryng)
The official Radar 2010 Mix Tape (thanks Tom)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
I don’t know what’s worse – that she freaked out, or McD’s didn’t refund 99 cents…

Almost there!

Ashton Mae Smith