Monday, January 4, 2010

a love struck romeo

sings the streets a serenade, laying everybody low with a love song that he made…

In Downtown News:
Grab a sneak peak of The Diner – it opens at 11 am today
Still no cause found for 42nd street
Everything you ever wanted to know about the acorn

In Raleigh News:
What Meeker has in mind for 2010
They are airing the Raleigh Antiques Road Show episodes tonight
A look at what the NCMA will have next year

In Local-ish News:
Clayton wants you to leash your cat
A Degas was stolen from a museum
The world's tallest building will open today

In Irrelevant News:
Tell me you wouldn’t want to be snowed in at a bar for 3 days…
I hate when my roof flies off…
“Unless they watch “Jersey Shore.” From that perspective the show is a sort of public service.”

Yeah, you like to run in the cold, don’t you…
Oh, Skate instead?
Rosebuds and Megafaun are playing this weekend
It IS First Friday
More running on Saturday
Jibarra is having International Fest on Saturday

Mark your calendar:
Jan 12 is a Zely and Ritz 5th anniversary wine dinner
Transit Forum January 28

What the Weather Holds:
Excuse me…this cold could last ‘weeks and weeks’??
Mon: Sunny, cold. 36° 21°
Tues: Mostly Sunny, cold. 36° 19°
Wed: Sunny, still cold. 40° 21°

Fun Stuff:
Air String Instruments – take that guitar hero.
Freakiest ads of 2009
Dana’s Top 200 of the 2000’s

Welcoming 2010, big picture style..
BBC gives you the Sound of 2010
The best of 2009 from and one for 2010

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Well, a nice recap…

Welcome to 2010 folks – hope everyone had a great long weekend!

Ashton Mae Smith