Wednesday, April 1, 2009

yes theres a chance that ive fallen

quite hard over you, i've seen the paths that your eyes wander down, i want to come too...

I decided this year not to give you guys fake news…but all the local blogs have a whole host of entertaining faux-news if you’re so interested…

In the spirit of the day though – I would like to reflect on one of the better pranks in recent memory.

In Downtown News:
The Warehouse District debate
Metro Café is open for tea and coffee (thanks Christina)
Wednesday history

In Raleigh News:
NKOTB are coming to Raleigh (thanks Dan)
Burts Bees to move to American Tobacco?
Those Chapel Hill kids are trouble

In Basketball News: (since, for many of us, March is the most wonderful time of the year)
“If your mascot is a ram and your nickname is Tar Heels, deduct three points for confusion.”
“Officials also asked merchants to restrict the sale of Carolina-blue paint…to secure doors to rooftops…and to remove or secure any awnings and outdoor signs.”
3 things to anticipate during the Final Four

In Local-ish News:
We might actually ban public smoking…
Sweetwater IPA wins!!!
Henry 8’s armour is being put on display (thanks Katie)

In Irrelevant News:
Yeah – they caught me… (thanks Lisa)
The Simpsons are getting a postage stamp
Free scoop day is coming!

Give and Take at Artspace on Thursday
It’s First Friday!! And there’s a Scavenger Hunt!
Free music in City Market for First Friday (thanks Christina)

Full Frame in Durham starts Friday
Capital City Gala on Saturday
Cue Grass festival on Saturday
Spring Music Festival starts right after!
Saturday is World Pillow Fight Day in Moore Square

Mark your calendars:
The Smart Commute Challenge is coming up!

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Cloudy, Rainy 64° 5°
Thurs: Cloudy, Rainy 71° 52°
Fri: Mostly Cloudy 76° 57°

Fun Stuff:
Emily is making Sweet Potato Tarts!
Looking for a desk dance party?

Jello Time!
That’s your

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
The Peekaru: A Snuggie for mom and baby (thanks Steve)

Happy Hump Day!

Ashton Mae Smith