Monday, April 27, 2009

that's me in the corner

that’s me in the spotlight…

happy monday folks!

In Downtown News:
Yay for 18 Seaboard!
Cool fun old postcards
It’s almost Beer Fest time!!! [Stone AND Sweetwater!]

In Raleigh News:
It looks like the Wilmont is going away and a bit more
Could Raleigh host World Cup matches?
An Art to Wear Re-Cap

In Local-ish News:
IBM is taking on Jeopardy
The galaxy tastes like rum…
Don’t play with pigs – sorry Scrapple.

In Irrelevant News:
I wish, one day, I could get Stone IPA on a plane...
Rihanna wants her rocks back
Free Aerosmith in Hawaii?

Tomorrow is Open Mic Night at Deep South
Tequila Dinner at Dos Taquitos Wednesday
NC Beer Cask Party at Times Thursday – just in time for Beer Fest!
Brooks Wood is at Blue Martini on Thursday
Local Beer Local Band Thursday at Tir Na Nog

It’s First Friday!!
Dessert First is Friday too
Ascella Vega is at Deep South on Friday

AIDS Walk + Ride is Saturday
Festival of Hope is Saturday
Boots, Bands & Bulls is too
Oh – and World Beer Festival!!

Mark your calendar:
There is a bunch of stuff coming up in May [restaurant week, fashion week, artsplosure, and downtown raleigh home tour]

What the Weather Holds:
Mon: Sunny 90° 63°
Tues: Sunny 88° 59°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 84° 61°

Fun Stuff:
Bad News over Banana Phones (thanks Meagan)
The car you drive says a lot about you as a person…
Hooray Beer!
Thanks Wikipedia!
Bakon Vodka?

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
People want to hike the Alps naked??

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Ashton Mae Smith