Thursday, April 2, 2009

i could use another cigarette

but don’t worry daddy, im not addicted yet… [rainy days need pianos…]

On this day a bunch of years ago Ponce de Leon touched down on Florida – and my Mom was born. But not in the same year… :) Happy Birthday!!

A noteworthy warning about chewing gum and your dog (thanks Michael – I hope Jake gets better soon!)

In Downtown News:
Champa Thai closed their Downtown location
Who doesn’t LOVE a police blotter?
Disclaimer: This goes against my better judgment to send out – I hate perpetuating stupidity. But the hilarity of the article and much more so, the EXTENDED conversation that follows is too much for me to let you guys miss out on. Dear Raleigh Everyman.

In Raleigh News:
It’s Poetry Month in Raleigh
A little love for Enterprise Street
Could North Carolina reallllly ban public smoking??

In Basketball News: (since, for many of us, March is the most wonderful time of the year)
There is a new Sports Center look
History of the March Madness phrase
Another Final Four breakdown

In Local-ish News:
Carolina is offering an online business certificate
Duke is taking wind energy to Wyoming
Blackberry has an App store now

In Irrelevant News:
NYC is getting at Topshop
Anyone up for a Rental Car Rally? (thanks Tom)
No more Guiding Light

Give and Take at Artspace tonight
It’s First Friday!! And there’s a Scavenger Hunt!
Free music in City Market for First Friday (thanks Christina)

Full Frame in Durham starts Friday
Capital City Gala on Saturday
Cue Grass festival on Saturday
Spring Music Festival starts right after!
Saturday is World Pillow Fight Day in Moore Square

What the Weather Holds:
More tornadoes?
Thurs: Rainy 67° 58°
Fri: Mostly Cloudy 74° 56°
Sat: Sunny 68° 44°

Fun Stuff:
A fantastic comic. (thanks Devin)
Guitar Hero cufflinks

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Yet another reason to enjoy vodka.

Happy Thursday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith