Friday, April 3, 2009

no, there ain't no rest for the wicked

until we close our eyes for good…

Boring in the news today…

In Downtown News:
European Espresso and Wine has closed
The tractor on Hillsborough St is getting cleaned up
A couple of things coming up

In Raleigh News:
Bonded Llama is having an open house on Sunday
Orlando Bloom will be in Durham (thanks Sallie)
Bad Company is coming

In Basketball News: (since, for many of us, March is the most wonderful time of the year)
Final Four trivia!
If the Final Four was a mascot fight
Who has the best alumni?

In Local-ish News:
What if Google bought Twitter?
A Miley Cyrus movie too??
Girls rule, boys drool.

In Irrelevant News:
A second Sex in the City movie and a third Ghostbusters?
Incase you had any question why urban exploration is so cool…
Apparently this is old news, but the Sham Wow guy beats women up (thanks Ben)

It’s First Friday!! And there’s a Scavenger Hunt!
Free music in City Market for First Friday (thanks Christina)

Full Frame in Durham starts today
Capital City Gala on Saturday
Cue Grass festival on Saturday
Spring Music Festival starts right after!
Saturday is World Pillow Fight Day in Moore Square

What the Weather Holds:
Fri: Mostly Cloudy 74° 65°
Sat: Sunny 70° 44°
Sun: Sunny 74° 46°

Fun Stuff:
A panoramic view of the new Yankees stadium
Really cool pictures

The worst homemade Star Trek costumes ever
Camouflaged animals
Art 101 2.0

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
This made me laugh out loud. A classic from the ‘you can’t be serious’ category… (thanks Merritt)

Happy Friday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith