Monday, December 1, 2008

run neon tiger,

there’s a lot on your mind…

In Downtown news:
Vote for Joel Lane!
Development updates
History! And more!

In Raleigh news:
Speaking of not being updated since 1989 – how about a new skyline shot guys…
RDU is getting a SuperShuttle
Greenery Sales at North Hills

In local-ish news:
The Durham Performing Arts Center is open
Some Carolina students are launching a record label
Prescription heroin….naturally…

In irrelevant news:
The Killers out sold Guns N’ Roses
The Badger ads are coming back
Cost of the12 Days of Christmas is up $78,000 this year

The Comprehensive Plan will be presented Wednesday
The Rosebuds are at Pour House on Wednesday
Twelfth Night opens Thursday
Hair and Body Bungalow will have a grand opening on Friday, the new Brueggers too
It’s First Friday!

Annual Glenwood-Brooklyn tour of homes
Red Ribbon Ball
Chicago opens
A Colonial Christmas at Joel Lane house
Randy Owen and Lee Ann Womack at Lincoln
American Aquarium at Pour House

Mark your calendar:
December 10 they are lighting up Downtown
The Dave Sedaris show Santaland Diaries next weekend
Birds of Avalon next weekend

Fun Stuff:
Paying folks with spider drawings (thanks Geoff)
Thanksgiving on a cupcake!! (thanks Amanda)
Life, in One Sentence (thanks Melanie)
What to do with all those leftovers

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Wal-mart worker dies in Black Friday sales rush…

Welcome back! Didja miss me?? I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

Ashton Mae Smith