Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the night is callin'

and it whispers to me softly, ‘‘come and play”…

Nina for Transportation Secretary! (thanks Dan)

It’s Comp Plan Day!

In Downtown news:
Updates on the Municipal Complex
Update on 301 Hillsborough
Big Boss will be at Times next week

In Raleigh news:
The new YMCA appears to be nearly completed
Raleigh loves Dave Sedaris
TTA opened a new transfer station

In local-ish news:
Amputation via text message?
Blockbuster is going to sell concert tickets
Lance Armstrong will ride again

In irrelevant news:
An organized phone book for the web?
The Anglican church is splitting
Surprise of the day: Michael Phelps is Sportsman of the Year

It’s Comp Plan Day!
It’s First Friday this Friday!
Friday is also Hillsborough Hike
Walk and look at art on Sunday in Boylan Heights

Annual Glenwood-Brooklyn tour of homes
Red Ribbon Ball
A Colonial Christmas at Joel Lane house
Randy Owen and Lee Ann Womack at Lincoln
American Aquarium at Pour House

Mark your calendar:
Dancing with the Stars is coming to RBC January 28
Blue Dogs will be at Berkeley in February

Fun Stuff:
10 stupidest gifts
Bruce Lee, nunchakus, and table tennis – what’s not to love?

What if Gmail had been designed by Microsoft?
We were ‘elf-ing’ ourselves
And we had determined how much chocolate milk would kill you.

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Britney – more popular than Obama – still?? Reallllly?? And the WWE??

Happy Wednesday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith