Thursday, October 23, 2008

pay my respects to grace and virtue,

give my condolences to good...

Did you know you can print a ballot specific to your districts and take it in with you when you vote?

In Downtown news:
Love for Saucer
A place you may not even know exists
Holy Aiken is having a fall sale

In Raleigh news:
The fair through time
Durham may get Plensa
“the use of high-intensity colors or fluorescent pigments is prohibited.” Well, that’s Cary…

In local-ish news:
The White House Christmas tree will come from NC
The DMV is getting rid of those weird holograms
Woman wrestles deer.

In irrelevant news:
There is an Atheist bus campaign in London
Voter fraud – “as American as Apple Pie” (thanks Charlie)
"… of the voters that turned out, 87% voted for me. The other 13% were just too drunk to raise their hands, but…they too would have voted for me," Vilda said.

Get a cupcake for a cause!
Second Empire 5k on Saturday
Nash Square gets more trees on Saturday
Hogwarts Halloween on Sunday

Go see Phantom this weekend
Mark your calendar for the Wake County Library Book Sale –it’ll make you look smart
Art Garfunkel is coming

Fun Stuff:
And you thought you had talent… (thanks Catherine)
Underwater photography
Where do all those bizarre words and phrases come from?
Even a chimpanzee can ride a Segway! Sorry, Eric. (thanks Katie)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Well, no one likes a smelly burglar…

It’s Little Friday!!

Ashton Mae Smith