Friday, October 31, 2008

i tried to be chill

but you’re so hot that I melted…

not much in Downtown news, but some exciting things insteand…

Early voting hours have been extended on Saturday – don’t worry. This will end soon…

In Downtown news:
Progress Energy I progress
Halloween things: Tir Na Nog, 5 Star, Solas, Capital City Grocery, City Limits, Amra’s
The new Comprehensive Plan will be out December 3

In Raleigh news:
Steam tunnels part 2
Check out the State surplus
Hansborough is out indefinitely (thanks Charlotte)

In local-ish news:
Jay-Z will be in NC tomorrow
Thanks Mom, for never doing this to me…
Landmines in Fayetteville!
A restaurant to honor Heath Ledger

In irrelevant news:
Cops and doughnuts – that’s just too easy… (thanks Katie)
A new holiday! (thanks Charlie)
Perhaps no Jackson 5 reunion…

Yo Mammas Big Fat Booty Band is at Lincoln
Amos Lee is here on Saturday
Trees Across Raleigh is Saturday
Capital City Cheers Wine Festival is Saturday too
The City of Oaks Marathon is Sunday

Fun Stuff:
Fun dog pictures! And some Halloween ones too! (thanks Emily)
White people LOVE Halloween!
Award winning cakes!
You Can Vote However You Like... [youtube] (thanks Jim)

Secret castles!
Some Friday history

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Poor kid… (thanks Steve)
This wedding is not to be missed (thanks Katie)

Happy Halloween!!! Sorry for the delay – busy Friday morning! I hope everyone has a great night!!

Ashton Mae Smith