Thursday, October 9, 2008

i asked the boy for a few kind words

he gave me a novel instead…

The Really Busy Person’s Guide to Political Activism. Annd, have you registered to vote yet? (thanks Charlie)

In Downtown news:
Edison looks so good :) Scroll to the bottom
New trees for Downtown?
Downtowners doing good things

In Raleigh news:
There is a new guitar shop on Hillsborough Street
More on the new NCSU housing project
A Bull Durham sequel?!

In local-ish news:
Democrats are up 6 to 1 for new voter registration in NC
NC has the most expensive gas in the lower 48
Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, oh my!

In irrelevant news:
Show your political leanings with your shoes
Extravagant gift ideas
Liquidity in the today’s economy (thanks Emily)

Check out’s Launch Party tonight
The 1 year anniversary of Dos Taquitos Centro is today too
Old Habits and Blue Dogs on Friday
Blue Grass at Capital City Friday evening
Works of Heart AIDS fundraiser on Saturday
Autism Run on Saturday
Purple Armchair’s CHAIRity Gala is Saturday too

Ray Lamontagne will be here next week
The Collectors Gala is coming in November

Fun Stuff:
How much does it cost you to drive to work?
Why shouldn’t barcodes be fun?
This site is called ‘Cake Wrecks’

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
“Their babies would be sold for as little as $127, the police said.” Some things just make your insides hurt. (thanks Katie)

Hope everyone has a great Little Friday!

Ashton Mae Smith