Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday's Update

In downtown news:
Sono review (plus other sushi places and oyster bars) A more comprehensive review
RBC pictures
More on the South Saunders project "When you're done trolling for girls at the bars but don't want to move to the suburbs, this is the place," said Richard Johnson, a City Space partner.
Also a mention about the Hinsdale Row project…

In Raleigh news:
Transit update
Condo project for Carrboro
Triangle home prices see “strong growth”

In local-ish news:
Florida Marlins Baseball Team Looking for a Few Tubby Men for Cheerleading Squad: the Manatees (thanks Austin)
Custom yachts in Apex?
Man swims 10 hours to shore

In irrelevant news:
Was Britney drugged?
Angelina will have her baby in France

Cocktails and Camouflage is tomorrow
Urban Sophisticates are at the Pour House tomorrow
Traveling Mayhem will be at 42nd Street tomorrow

Fun Stuff:
Craigslist “Best Of” (some profanity)
Having a bad day at the office? (video)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
She tried to kill him with antifreeze wine…

Happy Thursdayyy!