Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday's Update

some excitement today…

In downtown news:
Raleigh vs. Atlanta (this is realllly long, but interesting)
In case you hadn’t heard that Yancy’s and Longbranch filed for bankruptcy
Check out construction all over the city

In Raleigh news:
Okay, I get it. But it was an ad for The Goat…
Major League Lacrosse, here?
The Grape closed What a week for restaurants…

In local-ish news:
Identical twins are in fact not identical… what??
Self healing rubber is creepy.
New 40 bypass opens in Greensboro

In irrelevant news:
George Clooney, the last great movie star? "I know what pisses people off about fame," Clooney says. "It's when famous people whine about it."
The Chinese like booze
An ode to the semi colon

The 26th is Murder Mystery dinner at Tir na Nog
Annie Get Your Gun opens this weekend
The 29th is Art DuckO

Fun Stuff:
Science Fair experiments (thanks Austin)
You know you want this job
In case you missed the eclipse and if you were wondering about the stars around it (thanks Dan)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
He stole money from girl scouts. Though, one ran after him – until her mom told her to come back.

Happy almost Friday everyone!