Monday, December 21, 2009

santa make him hurry

tell him he can take the freeway down, run, run rudolph 'cause I'm reelin like a merry-go-round…

Today is the shortest [best] day of sunlight in the year. – It’s all sunnier from here folks! :)

When I cant give you much real news, I try to give you more fun things…

In Downtown News:
There is a new sign celebrating the Winter Solstice [12:47pm today] in Moore Square
Beers and brewery reviews, 2009
Awww remember this guy!

In Raleigh News:
Some local, new building design updates
Win free lights from Cree
The toll contracts have been awarded

In Local-ish News:
Britney Murphy died this weekend
They’re moving ahead with another tunnel between NY and NJ
They found the stolen Auschwitz sign

In Irrelevant News:
South of the Border is 60 years old…
So was there a point to this study at all? – they found ‘perfect’ female face dimensions…sort of…
I don’t even understand the purpose of an ‘online drinking game’

They’re playing ‘A Christmas Story’ at the ice rink tonight
Straight No Chaser is at Meymandi on Wednesday
Eat Christmas dinner at Tir na nOg on Friday
Weekend Excursion is at Lincoln on Saturday raising funds for Jimmy V
Edwin McCain is at Lincoln on Sunday

Mark your calendar:
Jibarra is having an international fest January 9 (thanks Antoine)

What the Weather Holds:
Mon: Sunny 47° 27°
Tues: Sunny 50° 25°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 45° 25°

Fun Stuff:
Wish you’d been able to tour Stone Brewing with us?
Cool animal stuff
The Known Universe

Indy gives us the top 10 triangle albums and 40 triangle tunes
Alicia Keys on Letterman doing ‘Emipre State of Mind’ (thanks @nealstewart)
2009 buzzwords
The periodic table of beer
Some funny impressions – including morgan freeman…

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
I think it’s safe to say he won’t be dating anytime soon…

Happy Monday folks!

Ashton Mae Smith