Wednesday, December 2, 2009

johnny was a schoolboy

when he heard his first beatles song, 'love me do,' i think it was…

In Downtown News:
There will be sledding at Winterfest too!
Green Square updates
What you missed when you weren’t looking at the sky

In Raleigh News:
More tracks found on Hillsborough Street
Ruths Chris is going to offer lunch in December
Pet adoptions for $25 during December – thanks for that.

In Local-ish News:
Some pretty scarves that raise funds for burn victims – do good things, check em out! (thanks Karla)
‘Critter Crossings’ being built in Brunswick County
The ‘Circle Line’ in London will be broken

In Irrelevant News:
I want to get paid to study ‘counting ants’ (thanks Dad)
A new video of Marilyn Monroe is out…
Google is taking away free news

Thursday LoneRider Brewing releases a new Pale Ale Thursday at The Pit
Old Avenue CD Release Party at Deep South on Thursday
Burning Coal brings you ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ on Thursday
It’s First Friday
Winterfest is Friday with Michelle Branch
Jingle Bell Walk/Run is Saturday

Mark your calendars:
Old Habits Christmas Party December 11 (thanks Craig)

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Rainy and cold. 59° 36°
Thurs: Partly Cloudy. 61° 44°
Fri: Partly Cloudy. 52° 38°

Fun Stuff:
Minimalist TV Posters
Turn your cassettes into MP3’s (thanks Manning)
The ‘Rules of Shotgun’

Atlas of True Names – very cool.
The First Church of Tiger Woods has disbanded (thanks Tim)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Yeah, and I don’t even ‘like’ vodka…

Well, it’s a rainy Wednesday…enjoy it!

Ashton Mae Smith