Tuesday, December 22, 2009

how'dja like to hang a stocking on a great big coconut tree?

how'd you like to stay up late like the islanders do? wait for santa to sail in with your presents in a canoe…

In Downtown News:
Southland Ballroom is opening in Glenwood South
Renderings for the new public safety center
Greg Hatem is getting honored by the Design Guild and the CoD

In Raleigh News:
It’s Krispy Kreme Challenge Time!
3 local projects are getting federal money
Local folks doing good things

In Local-ish News:
They’re ‘greening’ the Empire State building
They got the sign thieves to reenact the theft
More on the San Diego brain project

In Irrelevant News:
I hope you guys are planning to have Snooki at your next event (thanks Tim)
Firefox on my phone? Yes please.
Carrie Underwood is engaged

Busy Bee is having an Aviator cask night tonight
Straight No Chaser is at Meymandi on Wednesday
Eat Christmas dinner at Tir na nOg on Friday
Weekend Excursion is at Lincoln on Saturday raising funds for Jimmy V
Edwin McCain is at Lincoln on Sunday

What the Weather Holds:
Tues: Sunny 50° 25°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 48° 25°
Fri: Mostly Sunny. 48° 30°

Fun Stuff:
A crazy fire starter thing
Retail math (thanks Emily)
Your Jersey Shore Handbook

“Because those plastic bags offer the same amount of protection that hiding under your desk during a nuclear attack offers: none.”
Urban Dictionary Word of the Day (thanks Adrianne)

Synchronized Christmas Lights – like, more than 30,000 of them…
Norman Rockwell
It’s Lovely, I’ll take it!

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Richard Branson dressed as a stewardess

Happy Tuesday folks!

Leah, it was great to meet you last night! Hope you guys had a great night!

Ashton Mae Smith