Thursday, July 23, 2009

so let go, jump in, oh well

whatcha waiting for, it's alright, 'cause there's beauty in the breakdown…

It’s Pi Approximation Day

In Downtown News:
A Glenwood South Hotel?
Free drinking for charity? – Amra’s, tonight.
310 Hillsborough will be a Campbell parking deck

In Raleigh News:
Make plans to spend some time on Hillsborough Street on Saturday
Theatre in the Park has released its 09-10 season
The Comp Plan is back in front of City Council

In Local-ish News:
NC goes blue, elects a woman governor, and bans smoking – but Hardees is too racy for us. Love this state.
A double arm transplant??
They found a new cute little leopard type

In Irrelevant News:
The Naked Cowboy is running for mayor of NYC
Oakland is taxing marijuana profits
The Taco Bell dog died (thanks Sean)

Bright Young Things at Tir na nOG tonight
Method Man and Red Man at Lincoln Theatre tonight
Wine to Water at Amras Thursday night
Summer Love at Tough Love on Thursday

Free lunchtime concert at the Capitol on Friday
Blue Dogs and Old Habits at Pour House on Friday
Charlie Daniels Band is in town for Downtown Live on Saturday
The Sound of Music opens this weekend

What the Weather Holds:
Thurs: Cloudy/Rainy 90° 74°
Fri: Mostly Sunny 92° 70°
Sat: Mostly Sunny 95° 67°

Fun Stuff:
Crazy looking landscape pictures (thanks Mike)
Garage Door Art (thanks Mike) --- cool.

Make a party playlist
25 Book Blogs (thanks @danlondon)
100 easiest and fastest recipes ever

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Turning Central Park into an airport??

Happy Thursday folks! Almost there…

Ashton Mae Smith