Tuesday, July 28, 2009

her name is yoshimi

she's a black belt in karate, working for the city, she has to discipline her body…

In Downtown News:
Beehive Collective needs your help
Ashley Christiansen is feature in Southern Living [note, an article on Pat Conroy too!]
RBC office space is now full

In Raleigh News:
Tough Love is closing
Awesome Raleigh. I’m sure this knocked us down a few lists…
Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp are playing the Durham Bulls Park together

In Local-ish News:
Another Hangover star is from NC (thanks Mike)
Gandhi’s house is up for sale
No more fancy hi-tech swimsuits

In Irrelevant News:
Two UNC National Championship teams to play each other?
Get free Wendy’s (thanks Ben)
Fake cop tries to arrest real cop (thanks J.Ross)

Free cupcakes today!
Hot Summer Nights opens ‘Turn of the Screw’ on Wednesday
Green Plate special at Jibarra on Wednesday
Poker at the Borough on Wednesday
Vic’s is having a wine dinner on Thursday
White Party at Mosaic on Friday
High Voltage at Deep South on Saturday

What the Weather Holds:
Tues: Cloudy/Rainy 94° 71°
Wed: Cloudy/Rainy 88° 73°
Thurs: Chance of Rain 94° 71°

Fun Stuff:
Why American drivers should learn to love the roundabout
What does the house of the future look like?
One of the craziest/strangest music videos I’ve seen in a while (thanks Sean)

The World’s Most Amazing Architecture (thanks Sean)
The cutest little Mace gun I’ve ever seen
A multi-tasking bike

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Michael Vick is reinstated by the NFL

Happy Tuesday!!

Ashton Mae Smith