Wednesday, July 22, 2009

oh, you know, you know, you

know that yes I love, I mean I'd love to get to know you…

Hey folks – I’m putting together the next ‘events postcard’ – space is limited but if you’ve got anything I might have missed in August or September, let me know, sooner rather than later. Thanks!

In Downtown News:
Updates on Charter Square
The Jury for the Moore Square Redesign is selected
AT&T building is not going anywhere

In Raleigh News:
The Barrel Monster creator gets 50 community service hours
An MLS franchise in the Carolinas?
Theatre in the Park is offering acting classes

In Local-ish News:
Expensive gas makes us skinny
Undercover cops arrest themselves (thanks Steve)
Smart lighting in Uruguay

In Irrelevant News:
This crazy attached himself to a roller coaster with skates… (thanks Mike)
“Taser-hit man burst into flames” – sometimes I can’t do better than the headline…
Chris Brown is sorry about poor Rihanna

Moore Square Farmers Market today
Bright Young Things at Tir na nOG on Thursday
Method Mad and Red Man at Lincoln Theatre on Thursday
Wine to Water at Amras Thursday night
Summer Love at Tough Love on Thursday

Free lunchtime concert at the Capitol on Friday
Blue Dogs and Old Habits at Pour House on Friday
Charlie Daniels Band is in town for Downtown Live on Saturday
The Sound of Music opens this weekend

Mark your Calendar:
Duvel Dinner at Busy Bee coming up next Tuesday

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Partly Cloudy 89° 69°
Thurs: Cloudy/Rainy 90° 69°
Fri: Partly Cloudy 92° 70°

Fun Stuff:
Drunk Yoga positions (thanks Mike)
A realllly fun/clever ad from Barclay
Paper Robots

Some photographs of Lesser Known New York
Helena and Tim’s Well Done Tour as additions
101 Simple Salads for the Summer

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Dan – when were you in Germany??

Ashton Mae Smith