Friday, January 16, 2009

this year lets live like we've never lived before

this is our year for sure….

A whole bunch of fun things. I hope you have nothing to do today…

In Downtown News:
Charter Square progress and Green Square progress
Thoughts on the Garland Jones building
School Kids is moving

In Raleigh News:
Some history for today
There is a Winter Clearance going on at North Hills
The N&O is producing an extra edition on Inauguration Day

In Local-ish News:
It’s almost IKEA time!!! “…and don’t travel with anyone who easily irritates you…”
Wendy’s is keeping breakfast local
Is Twitter the new instant news?

In Irrelevant News:
Ha. The Whopper Sacrifice….
Get free ice cream
90 foot snowboarding ramps in NYC
Boy George looks ollllld!

Buy some books!
The Mint is opening their new bar this weekend
Zoso is at Lincoln Friday and Saturday
Chicago’s Julius the Mad Thinker is DJing Saturday at Mosaic (thanks Chico)
Break dancing at Tir Na Nog on Sunday (thanks Chico)
Drinking and fundraising – like peanut butter and jelly :] (again, thanks Chico)

Feb 18: Sun Volt is coming to Lincoln

What the Weather Holds:
Fri: Sunny and really freaking cold. 27° 13°
Sat: Sunny and even colder 34° 9°
Sun: Mostly Cloud, chance of precipitation 44° 24°

Fun Stuff:
Help keep Obama from being a Henry Harrison – hats for everyone!! :]
Another super awesome documentary
Lost Generation [youtube] (thanks Antoine)
How much does drinking affect your waistline? – okay, not as fun. But interesting? (thanks Adrianne)
I have solved your shopping problems (thanks Emily)

I’m Helvetica – what font are you?
Microwave Jingle Bells!
Passive Aggressive
Raleighing – I miss you! (thanks Sam)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
"She is hot but why is she writing to the municipal commissioner?"

Happy Friday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith