Monday, January 19, 2009

nobody knows it

but you’ve got a secret smile, and you use it only for me…

hope this keeps you entertained if you’re working today – I tried to make it extra fun…

In Downtown News:
New Retail for Glenwood South – and it looks amazing :)
111 Seaboard update
Monday History

In Raleigh News:
More on LoneRider Brewing
The NC Film folks are making GIANT rocking chairs!
Local restaurants are doing fun things tomorrow

In Local-ish News:
New retail in Chapel Hill
Apparently there’s bad things going on with peanut butter
Lance Armstrong is biking again

In Irrelevant News:
Lego Obama is inaugurated
They are bringing in more cell service for Inauguration
Bad decisions and too much glue, both make for bad nights

MLK Jr. Events
Alternative Inauguration at The Oxford
Wednesday is Cask Night at Raleigh Times
Wednesday is also Downtown Dining Club at Moonlight Pizza
The NC Boat Show runs Thursday to Sunday

What the Weather Holds:
Snow anyone??
Mon: Mostly Cloudy 45° 37°
Tues: Snow! 32° 24°
Wed: Mostly Sunny 39° 18°

Fun Stuff:
At Inauguration? Send your pictures to
How to say ‘thank you’ in 465 languages
Inauguration trivia
Generational disasters

This time last year: Landmark was opening its doors, Antoine was talking about insurance rates, Dana was starting up, Rachel Ray thought Raleigh was a good town to be single, Ludacris was opening a restaurant, andpeople wanted to ban swearing in bars…oh how far we’ve come…

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
How do you get a shark under a jacket??

Hope everyone had a great weekend…

Ashton Mae Smith