Tuesday, November 4, 2008

we both know

we only have tonight...

In case you’ve been living under a rock:
Today is Election Day! Probably the most important most of us have ever seen…
So, get informed – Read some more…. Then print your ballot.
And go VOTE.

When you’re finished, rack up on all the free stuff out there, then come back and keep up, have some fun. Tell the world how you feel. Then join in any of the fun tonight while results come in. Or stay at home and follow along.

Thinking about not voting? Here are a few excuses for you. Gonna go with the Ninja one? Great, but Steve Mallinson has volunteered to pick up your bleeding Ninja attacked self and drive you to the polls. Or really do anything to help ya out. So give him a call – 919.260.5039.

And hey, you don’t have to vote. But then, remember this. Besides, Lindsay wants you to…

In Downtown news:
Help bring some stores to Downtown? (thanks Matt)
Riviera closed and more
The Capitol is getting renovated

In Raleigh news:
We get to keep our Circuit City – woohoo.
Get a break on appliances
Be a better driver…

In local-ish news:
People like North Carolina
Rainfall relates to autism?
We may not have Tasmanian Devils much longer…

In irrelevant news:
Beer fights!
Britney’s new album is called Circus
Even antelope have to flaunt it…

Have a Holly Raleigh Christmas on Thursday
It’s First Friday!!
Rosie’s Plate is having a tasting Friday
Black Crowes are here this weekend
And a parrradddeee!

Fun Stuff:
Hear the way any word is said around the world!
How well do you know yourself?
Fun Halloween pictures
Virtual autopsy – not for the faint, but cool.

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Breaking into a police station?? Really??

And today’s sign that we just might make it:
“…his mother always told him not to keep anything that wasn't his.”

Happy Election Day!!!

Ashton Mae Smith