Thursday, October 1, 2009

wont you lie

down with me now, in this september grass…

In Downtown News:
Dos Taquitos is having their 2nd Anniversary tonight (thanks Logan)
Raleigh is a ‘mecca for the young’ – actually, all of those cities are pretty awesome.
The DLA has an update on the train sitch-e-ation

In Raleigh News:
Take a look at the stage for U2 being built (thanks Ginny)
Learn to dance and be in a ‘Thriller’ video remake
Cam Ward is staying for a lot of money

In Local-ish News:
It’s illegal to throw away plastic bottles starting today
Sully the pilot is flying again (thanks J.Ross)
They found an amphitheatre for emperors – if only someone could get mine finished…

In Irrelevant News:
You can get free cookies today and apparently free coffee at Starbucks through Monday
The Avett Brothers are on CNN
Imagine window washing the tallest building in the world

Mosaic Fall Music Fest tonight
Dana takes on your weekend
Check out Stuart’s brother Robert’s photography Friday at Palladium Plaza
It’s First Friday!!
Peche Chocolat is having a wine and chocolate tasting Friday
Get your Halloween pumpkins at City Market on Friday
International Festival starts Friday
American Aquarium is at Pour House on Friday

Raleigh Typhoon 3 is Saturday
Dog Olympics in Moore Square on Saturday
And, Dog Daze at 101 Lounge
Saturday night is Big Bad Ball
Who’s Bad is at Lincoln Theatre

You’re going to need Brunch on Sunday…
Cameron Village turns 60 this weekend and next! (thanks Sean)
And the 6th Annual Student Band Jam at Lincoln
Or a lecture on George Washington at the Joel Lane House

What the Weather Holds:
Thurs: Perfect 74° 48°
Fri: Realllly perfect 80° 53°
Sat: Chance of Rain 83° 68°

Fun Stuff:
Pretty bad design… (thanks @ladyejane)
A fantastic song about lost love and Facebook [youtube] (thanks Meagan)
Awkward Yearbook Signatures

28. Attend events with the sole intention of "Tweeting" them. [the 46 stages of Twitter] (thanks @ocell)
The Snap
Awkward in 140 characters

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Banning glass pint glasses in pubs? (thanks @varmintbites)

Happy Thursday folks! Welcome to October…

Ashton Mae Smith