Monday, October 12, 2009

the lobster's claw is sharp as knives

evil feasts on human lives, the holy roman empire roots for you… (thanks Michael)

In Downtown News:
City Plaza is getting its art today
Another party bar opens - Fubar
The Snap

In Raleigh News:
I don’t even like cats. But the SPCA is doing a super cute Halloween promotion
Donate kids books to Quail Ridge for a neat project
Dean is working at Herons this week

In Local-ish News:
You can visit the Disney ‘Christmas Carol’ train
The DOT opened a green rest stop
A new Michael Jackson tune is released

In Irrelevant News:
Halloween donuts are available
Beckham will likely be moving
Woman arrested over a Facebook poke (thanks J.Ross)

nOg Run Club tonight
Raleigh Rockstar Contest at Oxford tomorrow
Listening party for new Dylan album at Bridge Pub tomorrow
Third Eye Blind at Lincoln on Wednesday
Local Beer Local Band on Thursday
Carolina Ballet’s Picasso opens Thursday
West Side Story opens on Friday
Scare on the Square at the Capitol on Saturday
Jah Love Reggae Fest at Lincoln on Saturday
Pooles is doing another fundraiser this Sunday

Mark your calendar:
Bill Maher is coming to Raleigh
Some upcoming events

What the Weather Holds:
Mon: Rainy? 64° 57°
Tues: Sunny 78° 53°
Wed: Rainy 57° 50°

Fun Stuff:
FoodStalkers has a ridiculous update with much Downtown love
Get your Jackson Pollock on (thanks @tbsimon)

Basically the coolest stairs ever. (thanks Mike)
ZipCar has an iPhone app
The Virtual Piano

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Welp, get uhp ohff myy cellll phhone. (thanks Carson)

Welcome back folks. Enjoy the Monday!

Ashton Mae Smith