Friday, May 29, 2009

maybe it's as strange as it seems

but the trouble, I find, is that trouble finds me…

LOTS of things today! :) enjoy!

In Downtown News:
The Bee Ball is tonight at Berkeley! And some more about it! (thanks Elizabeth)
Spize Café has a website too
Somehow I missed this story about Jayson Williams and Ugly Monkey my apologies.
Rum Runners moving? – well, rumor says anyway.

In Raleigh News:
Yay for high speed rail plans! (thanks Leo)
We have an insect museum?
Sundays in the Park starting at Fletcher Park

In Local-ish News:
Toll road construction to start mid-July?
I like that the snake story is based out of Durham
Irony will be when I get hit by someone texting and driving…

In Irrelevant News:
Nearly a ton of cocaine is discovered in France. Wow.
Free Krispy Kreme next week
Time Warner and AOL are splitting

BudLightDowntownLive starts this Saturday! – with some great opening acts!
Live music at Tir na Nog on Saturday
Zac Brown Band is at Lincoln Sunday (thanks Lisa)
Take your dog to the Bulls game on Sunday

Mark your calendar:
Kirby Derby is June 13

What the Weather Holds:
Fri: Cloudy/Rainy? 85 66°
Sat: Partly Cloudy 84° 59°
Sun: Partly Cloudy 85° 59°

Fun Stuff:
Ha. Photoshop magnets!
Really – who doesn’t like baby otters? [youtube]
Another rockin photoblog (thanks Sallie)

100 best movie lines in 200 seconds
12 bizarre vending machines
Highway engineer pranks

Foodstalkers update (thanks Emily)
Passive Aggressive
Another fun note (thanks Me

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
TWENTY ONE CHILDREN!?!? (thanks Katie)

Have a great weekend!!

Ashton Mae Smith