Friday, May 1, 2009

and if you took to me like

a gull takes to the wind, i'd have jumped from my trees

In Downtown News:
It’s First Fridayyyy!!
Downtown time lapse
Beer Fest is tomorrow!
Holy Aiken has 20% off until Mother’s day

In Raleigh News:
Greg Fishel, although a hero, can, at times, be creepy…
A tidbit on the Whisper Disks
Today is the last day to recycle your phone book

In Local-ish News:
They have traced the genetic code of Africa
I wouldn’t hate having my tap water laced with lithium…
Botox is getting a warning label

In Irrelevant News:
Facebook from 1902? Really??
Google Profiles?
“…it remains unclear whether the suspect wanted only jellybeans. Or maybe that's all the thief had time to grab.”

Dessert First is tonight
Ascella Vega is at Deep South tonight

AIDS Walk + Ride is Saturday
Festival of Hope is Saturday
Boots, Bands & Bulls is too
World Beer Festival!!
National Alliance on Mental Illness is having a walk on Sunday

Handmade Market is Sunday

What the Weather Holds:
"It looks like a raincoat kind of weekend, especially on Saturday…”
Fri: Rainy 82° 64°
Sat: Mostly Cloudy, chance of afternoon showers 83° 64°
Sun: Rainy 83° 63°

Fun Stuff:
How to not get swine flu
What if there was an iPhone app for Beer Advocate?
Traitor Joes

Check out Greg’s music blog!
Pardon the profanity, but really – check out this hipster.

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
“Lawson's amendment to SB 2326 is called, "Can A Brotha Get a Break License Plate."”

Happy Friday folks!!

Ashton Mae Smith