Wednesday, February 25, 2009

oh there's a very pleasant side to you

a side I much prefer… (thanks Sumit)

Sorry about yesterday – I was out all morning at a really awesome event [there were 36,000 legos!] but that means you should come check out the results on Friday morning at Meymandi Hall!

In Downtown News:
Still no Bridge Pub…. But maybe today….
Expansion plans at Second Empire
We are getting a bunch of hybrid plug in stations
The Mint has a new menu

In Raleigh News:
New apartments in North Hills and more on North Hills East
Who was Sir Walter?
Brats in Cary

Another new local brewery
Evan Rachel Wood will be in a Broadway show
Our home prices actually went up!

In Local-ish News:
U2 to play in Durham?
PSNC is dropping rates again
Poor Venice…

In Irrelevant News:
Men and Women see things differently…
Your gaming system could give you skin problems
Standing or sitting?

HOPSLAM tonight!!! and its Bells cask night
Old Habits at Pour House on Friday
Abbey Road is at Lincoln on Friday
Left on Cates and Wrecking Season are at Deep South on Friday
Check out the Joe Holt story at the Raleigh City Museum on Saturday
St. Baldricks is Saturday at Hibernian

Mark your calendar:
No Doubt is coming June 8
Never checked out Art to Wear? Make sure to mark it down this year!

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Mostly Sunny 56° 27°
Thurs: Mostly Cloudy 62° 35°
Fri: Cloudy, chance of rain 65° 48°

Fun Stuff:
Flight of the paper plane…
Stuff White People Like – it’s magic book!
Make your own super heroes
Fun food blogs

Do Something Good Today:
Turns out we have two readers shaving their heads: Chris and Ralph

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Take your hat off in church or Dad will stab you.

Ashton Mae Smith