Wednesday, February 18, 2009

it's just a box of rain

I don’t know who put it there, believe if you need it, or leave it if you dare… (thanks Dan)

Kinda slow today…so that means more time wasting things…

In Downtown News:
I’m still betting they open around St. Pats…
Atomic salon is expanding
I like pretty. And more! And one more

In Raleigh News:
City Council passed the Percent For Art Initiative yesterday!!
Yves Delorme is closing
Elbow is opening for Coldplay

In Local-ish News:
IKEA opens today!!
Selling ACC Tournament tickets??
Wouldn’t it be cool if downtown Fayetteville got free public wi-fi before we did? No.

In Irrelevant News:
Daniel Bradford has a beer blog now
Dan’s right – what happened to just getting a puppy? (thanks Dan)
I can’t even fathom what 70 tons of cocaine looks like... (thanks J. Ross)

Lone Rider is debuting at Flying Saucer tonight
It’s French Broad cask night at Raleigh Times tonight
Pink Floyd Experience tonight
Another iteration of Old Habits is at 42nd St. on Thursday
Who’s Bad is playing Lincoln on Saturday
Poetry readings will start at Morning Times this Saturday

What the Weather Holds:
Wed: Raining 51° 43°
Thurs: Mostly Cloudy 53° 44°
Fri: Sunny 42° 25°

Fun Stuff:
How to stop picking your nose (thanks Dan)
I don’t even need snow!
ACC Football schedules for your calendar
The Best of the NY Toy Fair
Carolina Chocolate Drops covering some really fun stuff – and more! (thanks George)

This time last year, The Hook Up was opening, we were STILL being teased by Bridge Pub, people were all upset about an ad for The Goat, Yancy’s and the Longbranch filed bankruptcy, The Grape closed, Wake Tech got sports teams, we learned why flirting is like asking ‘would you like to play’, how to find out where speed traps are, and what in the world ‘self healing’ rubber was…

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Nosy neighbors always get in the way…

Happy Hump day folks!

Ashton Mae Smith