Saturday, August 9, 2008

say nice things about me cause I’m gonnnnnnneeeeeeeeee…..

Ashton ventured out of Raleigh for the weekend and left me in charge of sending out the email…
Sorry it is late… just in time for the weekend though!!!!!!!!!! :-)

In Downtown news:
Friday history
The Marriot is stylish.
Try out Brooklyn Heights... but you better meet the dress code
Studio 123 coming to Seaboard Station
Glenwood South, back in the day.
More Pictures of the Skyline
Doesn't hurt to dream a little...
Thaiphoon Bistro pleasantly surprises...

In Raleigh news:
Do something good today
Almost worth the trip to North Raleigh
REX expands
Don't blow .08 on 08.08.08
Bojangles is open... just in time for tailgating...
Jimmy V Foundation

In local-ish news:
Find a near by beach
Get your Cajun fix while you can
Psychic buys Peterson's House

In irrelevant news:
See things like an animal?
I like oxymorons.

Lump [one of my favorite galleries] is having a benefit tonight
Audition for American Idol on Saturday
Art Institute Open House on Saturday
Brian Howe of Bad Company is playing Downtown Live this weekend
New Art Festival, "Art on the Edge," coming to Raleigh on the 21st
Big Boylan Bash on Sunday
The Allman Brothers are coming

Fun Stuff:
Remember all this fun stuff from the internet?!? (thanks Austin)
A riddle for Raleigh
How good is your grammar?
How would you like Clay as your father?

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Homosexuals, terrorist – weigh your options I guess… (thanks Steve)

Happy Friday! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

say nice things about me cause I’m gonnnnnnneeeeeeeeee…..