Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's Update

sorry I’m running so late today – sometimes my actual job gets in the way of the fun part…

In downtown news:
Hillsborough Street update and a little bit more
There’s a crane at the Tucker site!
Obama was at Times yesterday – thanks again to Ben for passing that along :)
Also, Cameron Bar and Grill officially opened last night (food and all) – how’s that look on everyone’s Thursday evening?

In Raleigh news:
David Allen Coe will be at Reds
Ha. They stole a truck full of booze.
Triangle Restaurant Week is next week

In local-ish news:
A pretty picture of primary results
The triangle thinks the Orioles are the biggest surprise in baseball – there you are Baltimore.
Sue Johanson is ending her show! (thanks Ben)

In irrelevant news:
When rugby players win, they get naked. When they lose they get naked too.
Oh, Tyra… (thanks Katie)
Someone married Mariah Carey…

Check out the Moore Square Farmer’s Market – going on around now.
Triangle Food Tour that starts at 9 am
Acoustic Music at HookUp on Thursday
SPCA dog meet and greet on Saturday
George Clinton and HOBEX will be at Lincoln on Saturday for BandTogether
Fundraise for asthma – in the park? But Greg Fishel will be there…

Fun Stuff:
Ah, Craigslist. (thanks Austin)
10 most expensive houses in the world
Matt wants to make sure we don’t forget this song (or, it’s well done video) (thanks Matt)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Government organized mating. (thanks Rachel)

Hope everyone is having a great Wednesday!!

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