Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wednesday's Update

Not a ton of news, but lots of entertainment :)

Seriously. Did you register to vote yet? Then, search for your friends and see what party they picked…

In downtown news:
What is happening on this parking deck?? [scroll down, to the update]
Didn’t feel like reading the STAC Transit Plan?
Here’s a Cliffs Notes version,
This is creepy/cool

In Raleigh news:
Forbes is obsessed with Raleigh… (thanks Adrianne)
New Security at RDU
I’m pretty sure this is a real piece of news…if so, get used to your yellow car…

In local-ish news:
They found a baby planet! AND a baby black hole!
How do you think Kristen Young got the chance to be interviewed?
I’ll make activists out of you… Go ahead and get your good deed out of the way… (thanks Steve)

In irrelevant news:
What if the tournament was based on dollahs??
A Spears wedding
And one for JayZ and Beyonce too

Thursday is Pat McGee!
Friday is First Friday!
Raleigh Rocks Half Marathon is this Saturday – with Seven Mary Three
Saturday is the Neuse River Clean Up
The Renaissance Faire will be at the Fair Grounds on Saturday
Like Raleigh? Want to be on TV? Be in Moore Square Sunday Morning
Salute to the Troops is April 26

Fun Stuff:
A funny ad (thanks Rachel)
Laaaa Saarrrahhhh [video] Very funny, quite a few expletives…
An example of stellar journalism… (thanks Dan)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
This is headline story on the front page of [it’s about the picture]
On a much more disturbing note

Hope everyone survived April Fools Day!