Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday's Update

Today is International Dance Day

In downtown news:
Supposedly this Noodle place is going where the Grape used to be
The story on Hillsborough St
Jakob Dylan is coming to Lincoln in June

In Raleigh news:
Easley will apparently support Clinton
SAS (or whatever it is…) is the one of the best soccer fields in the country
SE Raleigh is getting a bank……

In local-ish news:
Postage will go up May 12
Made in China: ‘Free Tibet’ flags… (thanks Katie)
Dolphins collide in mid air – one dies.

In irrelevant news:
"But I think it's ironic that she charged Gov. Spitzer $2,000 for sex and she wants to charge me 10 million for taking some naked pictures of her," Francis told CNN. "I feel like I'm getting a raw deal." (thanks Dan)
Would anyone want to see a Jimi Hendrix sex tape?
Dear God, what if Mariah and Nick Cannon made babies??

The Million Step March is at lunch time today – so avoid Fayetteville Street around lunch time, unless you want to walk…
Tonight there is an Autism Society Fundraiser at Mosaic
Also, a free wine tasting at The George

Gavin Degraw will be at Red Room on Wednesday
Thursday Zely and Ritz is having another wine dinner

Friday is First Friday! – Tour the galleries on a bike!
FireHouse is at Bogarts on Friday

Lots of things going on this weekend too:
A parade, a wine festival, Festival of Hope, a block party with The Embers, Tours of Oakwood, and a bunch of munchkins planning Raleigh…and that’s just Saturday…

Fun Stuff:
A very small child singing ‘Hey, Jude’ – few things make me laugh out loud in a room by myself… [youtube]
Everyone loves ghost stories

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
Kids with lice – sounds artistic to me…

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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