Thursday, July 3, 2008

“everybody here is outta sight they don’t bark and they don’t bite…”

In downtown news:
Finally! an opening date for Boylan Brew Pub!!
History on a Thursday too??
No more Yancy’s?
Demolition in Boylan

In Raleigh news:
I wonder if she smells funny…
I’m pretty sure we’ve been watching the build up to this for weeks…
Go see Kevin Costner tomorrow

In local-ish news:
Man, he looks jolly! (thanks Steve)
Really? I’d be happier in Canada??
"Our church is, without exception, against all illegal acts. Our dogma is clear and concise on the issue of sexual abuse and crime in general: If you do it, you can be excommunicated," (thanks Katie)

In irrelevant news:
He said: "People used to the quick pace of online social networking may soon find the real world boring and unstimulating.”
“... I don't go to clubs, I don't party, I don't dance on tables, and I don't like sex tapes."
Watermelon, hmmm?

Breakfast Club is at Lincoln on tonight!!
Friday is the Great Raleigh Road Race
It’s First Friday!!
Blue Grass at Capital City
Movies in Moore Square on Saturday
Sam Fisher is at Amras on Sunday

Some July 4th happenings in dtr

Fun Stuff:
Ever wonder what MacGyver didn’t fix? (thanks Austin)
Free tunes and Cool stuff
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia [youtube]

(thanks Brooke)

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
I’m sorry – what??

Happy Thurrr-Friday!!! I hope everyone has a great 4th!

“everybody here is outta sight they don’t bark and they don’t bite…