Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday News

Not much happened this weekend…

Catch 22 opens on Glenwood it’s a new boutique, right across from Hibernian where Fly Salon used to be
(Fly Salon by the way is now at 911 Boylan Ave)

The Globe is a new restaurant open on Glenwood. (Next to Red Room)

Turns out, Cary is no better than Durham…

Some pumpkin carving tips.. because it’s almost that time….

Info on changing leaf color

In other news:
Salisbury St is between Morgan and Hargett is being repaved.
Some news for the Baltimoreans
And a reminder that the Downtown Planning Kickoff meeting is Thursday from 7-9 (more on that tomorrow)!

Seriously…that’s all ive got….

Hope everyone is surviving their Monday!!