Tuesday, November 10, 2009

did i say that i need you?

oh, did i say that i want you? oh, if i didn’t now i’m a fool you see...

I’mmmm backkk!! I missed you guys! Hope everyone has been doing well! Huge thanks to Tim for getting this out everyday and to everyone who passed links his direction! My apologies if I owe you an email or a response of some kind – I promise I’m working as fast as I can! :)

In Downtown News:
WinterFest really needs volunteers – think about getting involved!
Village Kabob on Peace is finnnnally open
Some lesser known Downtown spots you might wanna know about

In Raleigh News:
You can recycle your cooking oil at home
Maybe I shouldn’t be doing so much walking…
Should we save Jackpot?

In Local-ish News:
They found a really old Civil War boat
Cree bought a plant in China
Well now I’m even more glad I got to hold a koala

In Irrelevant News:
You can get free wifi at a bunch of airports through January 15 (thanks Jedidiah)
Hitler’s house is being sold
I can totally see the appeal of beer from 1937….

Matisyahu live at Lincoln Theatre tonight
Beginner’s Beer Class at Tir Na Nog on Wednesday
Trivia at Napper Tandy’s on Wednesday
Benevento/Russo Duo at The Pour House Music Hall
Wine Dinner at Zely and Ritz on Thursday
‘Rain’ is at Memorial all weekend
Tir na nOg turns 12 this Saturday
Old Reliable Run on Sunday

Mark your Calendars:
Everyone likes a tequila dinner

What the Weather Holds: thanks Raleigh – this is really awesome to come home to…
Ida wants us to have lots of rain
Tues: Rainy. 67° 57°
Weds: Rainy and cold. 53° 52°
Thurs: Still, rainy and cold. 54° 45°

Fun Stuff:
Katie is blogging from Prague!
“It was very cool of the mining company to leave these giant structures lying around for us to climb on.”
You can never have enough Johnny Cash…

Lots of Rules for My Unborn Son updates

Today’s Sign of the Impending Apocalypse:
How is this story posted without a picture??

Happy Tuesday folks!!

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